Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Stides

Tomorrow will mark 8 months since we were united as a family. Looking back I'm reminded of how far we've come in the short amount of time. I clearly remember even back to just September wondering if Jay and I would ever get to go to bed at the same time again. I really missed the time we had to just lay there and talk about our day and unwind. Now we're not only going to bed together but we're both sleeping through the night without interruption on a pretty regular basis (knock on wood).

I also remember we'd make nearly daily trips to Target for baby items we needed. Slowly building our collection to the overflowing proportions it has reached today. We were completely at the mercy of donations from others because we couldn't manage getting out of the house with the two new kids and we just plain didn't know what we needed. At times we had to get creative but it all came together just as it was needed, we were provided for in without a doubt divine ways. My goal is to now pass that on to others.

The last 8 months have been some of the most wonderful and challenging in our lives. We're currently in the most turbulent phase of the adoption process and that weighs on our minds daily. The possibility of the kids leaving us is always in the back of my mind yet at the same time I have a feeling of peace that we'll be together forever. I try to focus on the later of the feelings and honestly the kids keep us so busy it doesn't leave much time for thinking. The joy and challenges kids bring almost forces us to live in the moment and sometime just wishing the moment or phase will pass. Either way all of us will be forever changed because of our time together.

Today we're obsessed with trying to get Little Miss to use words and working with Little Dude to take those first movements of crawling. We are looking forward to the outright refusal of eating any dinner and the crying as she  goes to bed each night passing with Little Miss. We're nervously experimenting with finger food for Little Dude, worried he'll choke. These are the things that fill our day now. I know I'll look back at this in just a few more months and think "I remember that phase, I thought it would never end!".

We're focusing on the today, right now, this moment as the next court date lies just around the corner on 4/10/12. That date will show us if things will quickly move towards finalizing adoption, if the process will be drawn out, or if we're thrown the dreaded curve ball. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we're needing (and feeling) them more than ever.